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I am a mature lady, self-employed professional Mistress with my own chambers / medical white room in Preston, UK. My specialities are bondage, medical play and breath control. I am dedicated to my work but I also like to be creative in other ways, a hobby dressmaker, designing and making my own clothes, especially fetish styles in fetish materials. I enjoy fetishwear both inside and outside my playrooms.

Monday, 6 July 2020

VIDEO - Catheter Nurse

Earlier in the year when we were only familiar with bondage lockdowns, I had a suitable slave incarcerated in latex and ready for me to install his very first catheter.

There is nothing I love more than having a man willingly surrender his body to me and having the trust to try out unrealised medical procedures, and catheter play is certainly one of my all time favourites. To be fair he did genuinely need the catheter, as he would be going on to have his balls inflated with saline later and would need to lie quite still for two hours or so. No hopping off the couch to visit the loo allowed for him!

Casually I’d set the camera to record and managed to capture footage of his catheter op. Then to amuse myself during lockdown I did some adding and editing to it, creating a little clip loaded with magical medical play components: rubber, glove donning and loss of control - all for your education and entertainment.

WARNING: This 5min 36sec clip has audio.


I had a great time in my favourite guise of ‘rubber nurse’ that afternoon, throwing in a mix of evil teasing and encouragement into his session, whilst gauging his reactions to his first catheter, mostly though the speed and sound of his breathing.

How did it go?, you may ask. Well, my slave did go on to send me a brief unsolicited review -

" I still remember the first time, you were so gentle and kind. A wonderful experience. ”

* * * 

At the moment my Chambers are still closed until further notice, but I see no reason why I should not be able to do catheters with virus protocol in place when I’m open for business again, I will be sure to make an announcement on my website and Twitter when that day arrives.

There is a charge of £10 for the sterile catheter kit used for the procedure, a complete sterile kit of parts is used every time, which includes an aseptic field and Foley catheter, and I always have a sufficient number in stock.

That’s all for now folks. I hope you enjoy the clip.

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Eating the Perverted

This latest comic strip is not one of my own, but one written by slave C, a newer slave in my Chambers. All credit to him too as he has done a great job at learning to do comic strip and being creative with the session snaps I took during our sessions.

The comic tells the story of how during 2019 he was captured as man meat, hung up and dismembered with my electrified knife, was tenderised through beating and puncturing and marinated in a plastic pouch. Suspended on an open BBQ he was then roasted over hot flames before being served on my table as dinner. Only then could he really play out the vorarephilia fantasies he'd trusted me with and experience what it feels like to be consumed and digested.

Being a little unusual his vorarephilia fetish was a break from the norm for me, but oddly enjoyable! We have had a lot of fun exchanging facts and ideas in order to execute these sessions, always with a surprise in store for my willing victim. I’ve also had chance to throw in lots of interesting bondage which I always love to do and torment him with plenty of heat and electric play on the way.

* * * * *

Alas the poor man, he was eaten way too young. Until next time, RIP slave C.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

VIDEO - Castration Roleplay

Before I begin I’d like to get the expected absurd question out of the way -



* * * * *

I’m sorry if that crushes your dreams of becoming a eunuch, but If you are still reading I want to tell you a little about the castrations that I occasionally re-enact in my Preston White Room.

WARNING: This 2.5 minute video has audio.

Castration is not a topic that I’ve ever featured on my website, nor is it an activity that’s listed amongst the medical services I provide. There is a very good reason for that, it’s called the shock factor. Simply put, my castration roleplay could never carry the same adrenalin infused thrill if you were to come along to my clinic expecting it.

Some protocol is required to become a contender for my neutering process. Your testicles are more likely to meet my pliers if you’ve been for a couple of visits, are pretty open minded about the medical play you would like to try, you have the right amount of trust to leave scenarios up to me, and of course it’s essential that you have the balls!

There is nothing unusual about my castration kit, just the typical pliers and bands you can buy on Ebay. They were never made for using on humans, their purpose being for banding the nuts of small farm animals; lambs mainly, before they reach one week old.

Given that there is a considerable size difference between the balls of a little lamb and those of a grown man, you can imagine how dangerous the kits can be if used foolishly. With that in mind I did do some small modifications to my kit so I can castrate you easily, not without some discomfort, though in a much more subtle manner than a sheep farmer.

Potential patients should feel lucky that my approach to sessions has always been safe and sane. Admittedly, I do add a fair few skilfully sadistic twists whenever I can, but I’m not about to ruin my reputation by doing something stupid. My castration operations only became possible by taking the time to find the right compromise of fear and fabrication, and I take great joy in making my patient believe it's the real deal. 

The video was filmed with an unsuspecting patient in the summer of 2017. I can promise that the balls in the video were unharmed, in fact the slave in question is still running round, balls between legs, wondering what I am going to do with them next.

* * * * *

Hmmm - Now that’s a queer thought. It is actually possible to castrate my blokes twice!!!