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Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Big 100

On the 8th of April 2016 it was celebration time in my chambers.

Jo Nep, one of my long serving slaves, presented himself to me for this our 100th session, and as soon as he had recited his slave oath to me and got up off his knees, it was time to get our centenary extravaganza underway.

Slave had little idea of what was in-store, but knew he would be partaking in an event of my making, made up of a series of acitivities that are not on my normal Mistress Maggie pick list.
I hadn’t reached the centenary without having an inkling into what might give slave Jo a thrill, aside from simply being in my company of course. Something that would allow him the delight of demonstrating the success of his training seemed appropriate, along with a memento to commemorate our big session landmark. 

For session 100 my slave would be greeted with a good dose of -


As is our particular like and fancy, me and slave dressed in full latex for the afternoon, and although session 100 was an excellent excuse to let our hair down, ironically we both achieved this by putting our hair up and sealing it inside a rubber hood.

Some six months ago I decided that I might like to add saline infusions to my White Room medical repertoire, slave Jo has been my test subject while I have been practicing the infusions.

To help with the learning it made sense to have a goal. We agreed that it would be an achievement if I were able to successfully and safely infuse one litre of saline into Jo’s scrotum on his 100th session.

Did we do it? Yes we did.

It was an absolutely flawless scrotal infusion, resulting in a nice big weighty handful of balls, the skin tight like a drum.

With a new feather in my hat I let my lab-rat off the operating table, and although it was swinging between his legs, slave was now in possession of the biggest balloon at the party.

On to part two of the celebrations, slave on his lead was guided to the main playroom where a surprise awaited him. 

I’d commissioned an artist to come along and capture the event on canvas. After all, what could possibly be better than a portrait to commemorate our centenary.

My artist was sitting ready at her easel with pencil poised when I opened the door and led her model into the room. Acquaintances were made and slave Jo was given his modelling instructions.

‘Now slave, you are to pose for a painting. Me, you and your big balloon bollocks are to be the subject of an art composition’.

Me and my artist friend have known each other for a long time, so had plenty of chatting and catching up to do, whereas slave was to quietly kneel in the position that had been chosen for him and not move for forty minutes.

Everyone was amazed by the preliminary sketches she had done, it was easy to imagine what the finished piece would look like. My artist needed to take her sketches home, then using her photoshop skills, she could transform them into a masterpiece that would be presented to me at a later date. We could not wait to see the results. (See below for portrait)

Jo has always had a passion for latex. He’d mentioned his fetish to me in his very first email, when he wrote to introduce himself and asked for my expertise in discovering how many of his fantasies were realisable, and how far he could extend his horizons. During his time in my charge he has certainly been subjected to a vast range of experiences, but primarily, I have always nurtured his need to be a rubber slave.

I wonder if he’d ever envisaged that one day he’d be head to toe in black rubber, serving coffee and cupcakes to his Mistress and her friends, with just a flimsy latex apron protecting his modesty. The apron lightly flapping about against his large and inflated lab-rat balls, while fulfilling his duties with only a mouth gag and slave tray as accessories.

It was not my intention to overwhelm my slave; only a couple of my best friends had been invited to join us for the centenary tea party. Upbeat music was playing and a few balloons were scattered around. My rubber slave looked quite portly with his matching serving tray strapped in place. He’d been given a lot of good training on how to serve with the tray, and had taken instruction on how to make the very best tea and coffee. This fantasy may have been a long time coming, but I knew Jo was ready to serve the ladies and demonstrate some of his training with pride.

Drinks were served first, followed by disgustingly sugary cupcakes, made to a dairy free recipe so even our vegan guest could eat them.

Slave was kept really busy as we gorged on the sticky cupcakes and feasted our eyes on a coffee table book, that depicted 100 photos of Jo’s slave training.

Some photos of his delights and dilemmas needed quite a bit of explaining, so there was rather a lot of laughing and curious questions coming from the sofa.

Slave waited patiently in attendance until he was required again to serve, or clear up empty cups and plates, or keep my kitchen tidy.

As a finale to his serving duties, slave served one last cupcake on his serving tray. Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it? - You jolly well can, as slave found out when the cake and its sticky butter icing was force fed through his rubber mouth hole. 

It was a great afternoon, providing pleasurable company for some and a more momentous occasion for others.

Slave did not leave empty handed. All the hard graft that had gone into planning and executing the centenary session had created an ‘event scent’ in my panties. The perfect keepsake for slave to take home, all served up in a little zip seal bag. 

Commemorative 100th session portrait of Mistress Maggie and slave Jo

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