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I am a mature lady, self-employed professional Mistress with my own chambers / medical white room in Preston, UK. My specialities are bondage, medical play and breath control. I am dedicated to my work but I also like to be creative in other ways, a hobby dressmaker, designing and making my own clothes, especially fetish styles in fetish materials. I enjoy fetishwear both inside and outside my playrooms.

Monday, 24 September 2018

VIDEO - September Celebrations

I recently made a video and thought this might be a good place to show it to you and give an example of how I play.

Even though I have zero expertise with my little Lumix TZ70 camera I’m not afraid to have a go, and I am doing the occasional session video when it suits me now. On this occasion I wanted to do a good one in order to capture the highlights of the 150th landmark session I’d prepared for my faithful slave Jo.

WARNING: This 2 minute video has audio.

September is quite an eventful month one way and the other. As usual I have been away on my annual holiday, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about a holiday where the major highlight was interacting with a chimpanzee! And before you ask, yes, I did wash my hands after I'd finished playing with him. More importantly, this September is the month when two of my most loyal playmates share the anniversary of completing seven years in my charge - well, I can’t help being irresistible.

I would like to extend my gratitude to these two fantastic guys; exemplary slaves with totally different kinks. One loves leather and corporal punishment while the other loves rubber and hates CP, nevertheless, if I believe he needs discipline he knows he must take it. Harsh discipline is a most reliable way of ironing out imperfections in a slave and between them, these two gents must have taken tens of thousands of strokes. Long may our sessions continue, you know who you are and it’s a privilege to know you.

Back to the 150th session then, which got off to a great start when my hand almost went up slaves’ bum. Luckily I remembered to mount my camera the right way up for once and managed to video the main events of the day with success.

As you can see the session was conducted in my White Room where there was suitably tight rubber bondage for my latex fetishist to wallow in. An anaesthetic re-breathe system was used to intoxicate him with aromas, which helped to relax him and/or increase the rush at appropriate moments. He withstood some quite serious ball stretching with my metal CBT toys and weights before having his cock fucked with a Pratt urethral sound in a super size 7. My electric was switched on adding intense orgasmic pleasure right down his metalwork to the depths of his groin. Slave wasn’t the only one enjoying every minute, it was an absolute hoot for me. Our celebrations were completed with a special toast and a tipple of my sweet piss wine had been reserved for Jo.

My aim with my videos is to have a bit of fun with the bonus of being able to show off my domination expertise to you all every now and again. I will not be taking requests for video work, however, if I’m asked nicely I do sometimes take a couple of photos if you come along for a session.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

A Soft Bondage Update

I have been receiving queries from gentlemen recently, asking me for more information about my satin sleep sack. I’m not too sure what more there is to say as I believed I’d thoroughly covered everything that needed mentioning on my website; all the facts about its features and some photos to show it in use.

Padded satin mittens
However, after digging through my archives I found a couple of extra photos of the sleep sack that were taken during one of my sessions, plus a photo of the padded satin mittens that I use with it. The mittens have not previously been shown but do a great job of preventing my captive from fiddling with any of my knots. Hopefully these additional photos will go a good way to satisfying the curiosity of those who have been in touch.

Bondage is a big love of mine and along with my medical play has become one of my top Mistress specialities. I have loads of options available, restraints and bodybags in leather and latex being the typical fetish favourites for most, but these don't necessarily have the same appeal for everyone.

Full soft bondage enclosure with many ties
At the time I created the sleep sack I believed there were gentlemen out there who had no desire for anything so strict as a tight bodybag or unforgiving leather restraints, and as there seemed a shortage of Dommes advertising anything different for their clientele I decided some soft bondage may well be appreciated. I designed my sleep sack with this in mind and sought to make a luxurious all encompassing model that would spoil the gentlemen who chose to wear it.

I could have made my sleep sack from any number of fabrics, a piece of curtain or sack cloth would have achieved the same results, but I focussed on the ‘soft’ element and voted for a material with the softest tactile properties. A luxury liquid satin would not only look chic but would have more appeal, which it obviously has judging by the number of queries I have received.

* * *

So what happens in a sleep sack session?

Satin sleep sack with matching hood
You will be asked to strip to naked, hence giving you the best sensations from the soft fabric. You are given padded mittens to wear which are strapped to your wrists, then with my assistance you slither inside the sleep sack and the zip is closed.

The sleep sack is incredibly slippery, you can happily wriggle around inside it without being able to escape, my matching satin ties will make sure of that, they are used to secure my captive to the bag itself.

The idea is to enjoy the bondage and there are quite a lot of satin ties that I use in different ways; as gags and blindfolds, for achieving a few bondage positions, or for additional restraint while you remain enclosed and totally covered inside the double layers of the slippy bag.

The material is breathable so there is no risk of suffocation even if I use the head bag, which I usually do even if for a short time, allowing you to totally emerse yourself in the situation.

* * * 

There. I must have covered everything now!

If there is anything more you need to know you will just have to discover it for yourself. I recommend one hour for your soft bondage session. Session prices are given on my website HERE

Monday, 17 July 2017

Whip and Stirrups

No, it's neither the name of a pub or anything to do with horse riding.

I've just been engaging in a spot of leather craft again.

* * *

Not my favourite hobby but being a bondage specialist it’s proved handy having a little leather craft knowhow. Whether it be a broken snap fastening or rivet that needs replacing, a worn out strap or general functional improvements, my leather hardware does receive maintenance to keep it working safely and looking smart. Then occasionally a slightly more elaborate project needs to be done - like adding stirrups to the leather suspension harness I use in my playroom.

Mistress Maggie and her leather whip

My suspension harness is a really heavy thing and capable of supporting a slaves weight all on its own. However, there are times when it’s useful to get my slaves legs up as well, especially when I’m wearing my strap on.

Stirrups were never supplied with my harness, so I’ve been making do with loops of rope or chain for leg support, whilst constantly reminding myself that I should have a go at making a dedicated pair of leather ones to complete my suspension kit.

Ebay to the rescue then, where I found a chunky leather offcut suitable for the job, along with some pieces of equestrian style strapping.

To cut a long blog short, after several hours of hole punching and banging in rivets I could finally put my hammer down and admire my new stirrups.

Leather stirrups for suspension

The picture above shows the finished result, plus for the benefit of the bondage enthusiasts amongst you, the best opportunity you'll have to inspect my fine leather craft in detail. Because I’m pretty sure that once you’re restrained and suspended from my ceiling with my strap on up your arse, my new leather stirrups will be the last thing on your mind!

* * *

Tidying up, I found there were still a few pieces of leather strapping left on my craft table, quite decent pieces that didn’t deserve to be thrown away. By coincidence I also had a slave begging to see me in a few days’ time who truly deserved a beating: guilty of forgetting his slave collar on three of his last six visits, guilty of sloppiness, and guilty of doing a great job of allowing his basic manners and etiquette to decline, both in and out of my Chambers.

The obvious solution was instant; to make a whip that would take care of a very hard punishment for this very poor slave. A whip with a longer reach than my others, to distance my ears from his cries of pain as I tested it out on his back.

A homemade CP implement. Half whip, half tawse

A very severe four tailed implement was made, halfway between a tawse and a whip and consequently used to administer a meaningful punishment.

It’s true to say that the offending slave now knows what you get when you make Mistress Maggie genuinely angry. Lets hope he’s the last to earn such a lesson.

A smashing whip though! - Now added to my CP repertoire. 

A bare back beating for a negligent slave

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Fly Trap

I don't know about you, but I was brought up to believe that a hard frost was needed to kill off the bugs and insects in winter.

A fact that is now described as a myth, as there are numerous other winter weather conditions that also play a part in the surviving winter insect numbers. That hard winter frost probably does a better job of killing off old ladies and gentlemen than it does creepy crawlies.

There's been no hard frost up here in the North West this year, so myth or not it's best to be cautious, especially when like me, you work with patients and need to keep your clinic germ free.

Potential patients need not worry


I have been weaving my evil web in my fetish clinic, turning one of my slaves into an electric fly trap.

If the shouts of agony during testing are anything to go by, those horrible insects will be fighting for their lives when they are caught and fried by my fly trap slave. 

Slave said - 'I never would have imagined that I would act as a canvas for Mistress to show her artistic skills. At times it was very painful when you were applying
the threads. But thank you for allowing me to be your guinea pig
in this new form of torture.'


Worse things happen at the Women's Institute. And there was me
trying to give him a buzz!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A Steampunk Mask

I have just put the final touches to my latest craft project.


I chose a cute looking Russian kiddies gas mask as a foundation for my design. The position of the rubber hose at centre front is a little unusual in gas masks and a feature that gives my mask a novel character. The first thing I did was attach a latex hood to it and put a zip fastening at the back.

I attempted to give my mask a feminine spin by adding exaggerated lashes and long ribboned braids, before decorating it with archetypal punk elements in shiny silver metal. I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to small metal embellishments and had many types to pick from in my project box.

Mistress Maggie wearing her latex steampunk gas mask creation.

Nothing beats the allure of rubber breathplay. Luckily I can get away with wearing a gas mask in a small kids size, and not only does my completed steampunk creation look beautiful but it also remains fully functional.

The mask will be on display in my chambers for the next few months, where if you are visiting for a session and fancy a steam or even cyberpunk moment, I will be pleased to model my bizarre gas mask creation for you on request.

I would like to give a big thank you to Marco for his kind gift of the red spiky collar seen in the photos here.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Travelling to see my Guitar Hero

30th June 2016 was the best night to be in Glasgow. That’s when my all time favourite artist Buddy Guy was in town, performing his first UK gig of his ‘Born to Play Guitar’ world tour. 

Buddy Guy live in Glasgow June 2016
Seventeen year old blues prodigy Quinn Sullivan played support, plus a few numbers alongside Buddy Guy, who has been his mentor since Quinn was discovered to have guitar skills akin to some of the best known bluesmen at the very young age of eight.

Buddy says. ‘I’m hoping Quinn can step into the shoes of B.B. King and myself and wake up the damn blues again . . .’

Well, he’s sure doin’ that. See them play together HERE

Buddy calmly arrived centre stage sporting his trademark polka-dots and armed with his Fender stratocaster, opening his act with a superb and powerful rendition of my all time favourite, ‘Damn Right, I’ve got the Blues’. Hearing those iconic opening bars was music to my ears, as I’d kinda given up hope of ever seeing him perform it live. And my – he might be an octogenarian but Buddy Guy can’t half belt ‘em out.

Way back in 2008 I saw him play in Liverpool. I couldn’t believe it when Buddy passed within two metres of me when he wandered off stage and mingled with his audience. After that, hugging Buddy became a prominent entry on my bucket list, and if ever there was a next time I wouldn’t be allowing him to get away without taking a moment to feel my touch. This time when he stepped down to mingle with his Glasgow fans, I quickly made my way to the end of the row, where I had the honour of stroking the hand of my guitar hero. That made me feel real good.

John had taken his camera and sought permission to take photos of the show, with some fabulous results.

The next day Buddy was off to delight a Birmingham audience with his wild showmanship, but we hung around for a few days to check out the highlights of downtown Glasgow.

The weather in Glasgow was wet enough to give anyone the blues, but I had packed my waterproofs and could enjoy stepping out in my shiny mackintosh in a city where the Mackintosh name is very famous. 

Me on a Charles Rennie Mackintosh chair
Just over a century ago Charles Rennie Mackintosh was doing almost as much for the Glasgow art nouveau movement as Buddy Guy does for Chicago blues today, becoming an influential architect and designer of the day. His interiors, fittings and furniture are evident all around Glasgow, which is where he completed his training and impressive commissions.

I quite fancied sitting myself down on an authentic Mackintosh chair, so we set off on a venture to seek out his famous furniture and interiors, beginning at ’The Lighthouse’, Mackintosh’s first commission building.

To our surprise, we found out that If you make your way to the very top of The Lighthouse tower you get panoramic views of Glasgow, along with entertaining musical accompaniment thrown in for good measure, as there is guy perched up there bashing out tunes on a honky tonk piano. Meanwhile, downstairs in the Rennie Mackintosh exhibition I managed to have my photograph taken seated on one of the striking exhibits.

As you can imagine, our search for all things Mackintosh took us to a lot of Glasgows museums and galleries, with a mix of delight and disappointment. The Mackintosh House was my favourite; an authentic reconstruction of the home that Mackintosh and his artistically talented wife, Margaret MacDonald had furnished in their distinctive art nouveau style. There was fine furniture to inspect that showed off the exaggerated forms and flowing lines that Mackintosh liked to use, many decorated with symbols from the natural world and the geometric shapes he’s renowned for, all with exquisite attention to detail. Sadly our Mackintosh trail was completed all too quickly, as more of the masterpieces that we’d hoped to see were tucked away inside buildings displaying the sign ‘Closed for Restoration’, which left us feeling a little blue.

I have to admit being surprised by Glasgow, I could happily live there amongst those stylish red sandstone buildings. The city centre had a quiet relaxed atmosphere and all the people we spoke with were really lovely, displaying a common air of contentment. The Glasgow patter I had been expecting was not evident, the only example of a strong Glaswegian accent I received was from a gentlemen who helped me with directions.

‘Excuse me. Can you tell me where the Gallery of Modern Art is please’.

‘Ah am nae sure. Och och aye, ah hink ah ken it. Hae ye seen a statue wi' a traffic cain oan his heed? Ah hink 'at is whaur it is. Ye cannae miss it’, he kindly replied.

Indeed, we had seen the statue he mentioned and were soon at our destination.

Lounging in my latex outfit at CitizenM
We’d booked a room at CitizenM, a boutique hotel in city centre. The hotel had some really interesting spaces for its guests to socialise in and we made the most of the luxury surroundings. There’s nothing like slipping into a sexy latex outfit for evening drinks and entertainment, whilst being able to take advantage of the alternative setting for a photo opportunity.

John managed to capture my latex outfit really well.  

I have created a Flickr album called ‘Glasgow Mackintosh City’, with a selection of my latex and shiny mac shots taken during our stay in Glasgow. You can view it HERE

For additional entertainment there was no shortage of music bars. Asking for a good place for a blues lover to hang out found us heading down Sauchiehall Street to a place named after one of Buddy Guys’ blues heroes; Howlin’ Wolf. We made some friends there and were not disappointed. I’m pretty sure that Buddy would approve of The Howlin’ Wolf basement bar, which, just like his own club back in Chicago serves food, drinks, live music and the sweet blues sound until the early hours of the morning.

I was able to sample some local craft beers and taste a delectable tipple from their cocktail menu. I'd never invisaged sipping on a glass of 'Pinetop Perkins', but it's either that or another bluesman when all the cocktails on the menu are named after blues legends. Our glasses were raised, we couldn’t possibly leave Glasgow without a toast to my guitar hero. Thank you for coming to Glasgow Mr Buddy Guy.

Thursday, 25 August 2016



Well, almost eureka. My discovery does include water displacement!

* * *

I am jumping for joy following a watersports session with one of my slaves.

Bubble bottle play with a GP5 mask

My slave was strapped down in my clinic being catheterised. The contents of his bladder had just begun flowing into his cath bag when he asked me a question.

“Are you going to make me drink my own piss today Mistress?”

It wouldn’t be unusual, I often do. I serve it in a glass or a dog bowl and the filthy bastard will quickly lap up the lot. But his question poised a bit of a challenge, because we were combining slaves’ catheterisation with a breathplay scene that day.

Slave was wearing a Russian GP5 gas mask and was breathing the scent from my wonderful golden nectar via a bubble bottle. And as lovely as they are, you cannot drink anything with a Russian GP5 gas mask on.

That’s when I had my eureka moment.

Unlike Archimedes who was having a splash around in a bath tub when he came up with his displacement theory, I was in the tricky position of controlling a pervert and having to think on my feet when I discovered mine.

It came to mind that towards the end of the 20th century our British forces had been issued a gas mask that came with an integrated drinking straw, and that I had the very same S10 model, which is also known as an Avon mask hanging on a hook right beside me. In no time at all I had it strapped to my slave ready for testing.

Miraculously, the drinking straw coupled perfectly with the valve on the cath bag, and slave could now sniff on my golden nectar AND drink his own piss both at the same time.

Admittedly, drinking your own piss is not for everyone. No. However, drinking my precious piss is a far more attractive and popular concept.

Me in my latex pisspants
I get an unbelievable amount of requests for watersports, a couple of my slaves practically live on the stuff, many more are gasping for their first taste of my nectar. Sometimes there simply isn’t enough of my fine tasting nectar to go around. It’s easy to understand how using some of my slaves as vessels for fermenting and recycling my golden nectar, would leave more available for others.

* * *
More research is definitely required.

* * *

Two weeks later and slave was back for more of my nectar. This time I was wearing my latex piss pants, a good alternative to a toilet and particularly useful when a nectar loving slave needs feeding. The tube from my pants was placed between his lips and he partook in a full bag of my golden fluids. He began benefitting from his drink immediately, as a slave does need to be kept hydrated when he’s cocooned like a maggot in layers of clingfilm plastic.

Once again he was masked and catheterised, with the drinking straw from the S10 making a secure connection with his drainage bag he was perfectly equipped for piss recycling. It was inevitable that given time my piss would make its journey through his body and begin collecting in his catheter bag.

Sure enough, a steady stream of golden fluid was soon appearing and filling it up. Slave needed no instruction on what to do next; the sound of sucking and swallowing went on for a while and slave was now in the process of fermenting and recycling my nectar for a second time.

So, it seems that a bag of my golden nectar, an S10 mask and a catheter kit is all I need to keep a watersports fanatic supping and recycling my piss all day.

The question is, just exactly how long can a slave survive on one bag of his Mistresses special fluids?

Cartoon by Mistress Maggie