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I am a mature lady, self-employed professional Mistress with my own chambers / medical white room in Preston, UK. My specialities are bondage, medical play and breath control. I am dedicated to my work but I also like to be creative in other ways, a hobby dressmaker, designing and making my own clothes, especially fetish styles in fetish materials. I enjoy fetishwear both inside and outside my playrooms.

Monday, 17 December 2018

System Mask and Aroma Pump

My playthings often benefit from aromas.

My rubber plaything was receiving his intoxicating therapy through my new aroma pumping hose, a simple ‘add on’ to the wonderful system mask he’s wearing.

Of course I chose how much he received, as being totally rubberised, immobilised and under my total control he was in no position to pump the product himself!

* * * * *

NOTE:- The 'AROMA PUMP HOSE' has proved to be a great item in sessions where I’m combining aromas with gas mask head trips.

The gentleman who invented them is now selling his hoses on eBay and gives a good description of how to use them in his listing.  


  1. Where do you get the aroma? Is that safe for breathing?

  2. I buy aromas at a reputable sex shop. Yes they are safe, I only entertain safe play. I only use aromas with those slaves who have tried them before and can verify that they have had no bad side effects or problems doing so.

  3. A great item, well recommended.

    1. Thank you. Your feedback is much appreciated. I hope you enjoy your item.