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I am a mature lady, self-employed professional Mistress with my own chambers / medical white room in Preston, UK. My specialities are bondage, medical play and breath control. I am dedicated to my work but I also like to be creative in other ways, a hobby dressmaker, designing and making my own clothes, especially fetish styles in fetish materials. I enjoy fetishwear both inside and outside my playrooms.

Monday, 24 September 2018

VIDEO - September Celebrations

I recently made a video and thought this might be a good place to show it to you and give an example of how I play.

Even though I have zero expertise with my little Lumix TZ70 camera I’m not afraid to have a go, and I am doing the occasional session video when it suits me now. On this occasion I wanted to do a good one in order to capture the highlights of the 150th landmark session I’d prepared for my faithful slave Jo.

WARNING: This 2 minute video has audio.

September is quite an eventful month one way and the other. As usual I have been away on my annual holiday, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about a holiday where the major highlight was interacting with a chimpanzee! And before you ask, yes, I did wash my hands after I'd finished playing with him. More importantly, this September is the month when two of my most loyal playmates share the anniversary of completing seven years in my charge - well, I can’t help being irresistible.

I would like to extend my gratitude to these two fantastic guys; exemplary slaves with totally different kinks. One loves leather and corporal punishment while the other loves rubber and hates CP, nevertheless, if I believe he needs discipline he knows he must take it. Harsh discipline is a most reliable way of ironing out imperfections in a slave and between them, these two gents must have taken tens of thousands of strokes. Long may our sessions continue, you know who you are and it’s a privilege to know you.

Back to the 150th session then, which got off to a great start when my hand almost went up slaves’ bum. Luckily I remembered to mount my camera the right way up for once and managed to video the main events of the day with success.

As you can see the session was conducted in my White Room where there was suitably tight rubber bondage for my latex fetishist to wallow in. An anaesthetic re-breathe system was used to intoxicate him with aromas, which helped to relax him and/or increase the rush at appropriate moments. He withstood some quite serious ball stretching with my metal CBT toys and weights before having his cock fucked with a Pratt urethral sound in a super size 7. My electric was switched on adding intense orgasmic pleasure right down his metalwork to the depths of his groin. Slave wasn’t the only one enjoying every minute, it was an absolute hoot for me. Our celebrations were completed with a special toast and a tipple of my sweet piss wine had been reserved for Jo.

My aim with my videos is to have a bit of fun with the bonus of being able to show off my domination expertise to you all every now and again. I will not be taking requests for video work, however, if I’m asked nicely I do sometimes take a couple of photos if you come along for a session.

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