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Monday, 17 July 2017

Whip and Stirrups

No, it's neither the name of a pub or anything to do with horse riding.

I've just been engaging in a spot of leather craft again.

* * *

Not my favourite hobby but being a bondage specialist it’s proved handy having a little leather craft knowhow. Whether it be a broken snap fastening or rivet that needs replacing, a worn out strap or general functional improvements, my leather hardware does receive maintenance to keep it working safely and looking smart. Then occasionally a slightly more elaborate project needs to be done - like adding stirrups to the leather suspension harness I use in my playroom.

Mistress Maggie and her leather whip

My suspension harness is a really heavy thing and capable of supporting a slaves weight all on its own. However, there are times when it’s useful to get my slaves legs up as well, especially when I’m wearing my strap on.

Stirrups were never supplied with my harness, so I’ve been making do with loops of rope or chain for leg support, whilst constantly reminding myself that I should have a go at making a dedicated pair of leather ones to complete my suspension kit.

Ebay to the rescue then, where I found a chunky leather offcut suitable for the job, along with some pieces of equestrian style strapping.

To cut a long blog short, after several hours of hole punching and banging in rivets I could finally put my hammer down and admire my new stirrups.

Leather stirrups for suspension

The picture above shows the finished result, plus for the benefit of the bondage enthusiasts amongst you, the best opportunity you'll have to inspect my fine leather craft in detail. Because I’m pretty sure that once you’re restrained and suspended from my ceiling with my strap on up your arse, my new leather stirrups will be the last thing on your mind!

* * *

Tidying up, I found there were still a few pieces of leather strapping left on my craft table, quite decent pieces that didn’t deserve to be thrown away. By coincidence I also had a slave begging to see me in a few days’ time who truly deserved a beating: guilty of forgetting his slave collar on three of his last six visits, guilty of sloppiness, and guilty of doing a great job of allowing his basic manners and etiquette to decline, both in and out of my Chambers.

The obvious solution was instant; to make a whip that would take care of a very hard punishment for this very poor slave. A whip with a longer reach than my others, to distance my ears from his cries of pain as I tested it out on his back.

A homemade CP implement. Half whip, half tawse

A very severe four tailed implement was made, halfway between a tawse and a whip and consequently used to administer a meaningful punishment.

It’s true to say that the offending slave now knows what you get when you make Mistress Maggie genuinely angry. Lets hope he’s the last to earn such a lesson.

A smashing whip though! - Now added to my CP repertoire. 

A bare back beating for a negligent slave


  1. Perhaps you should consider having a slave doing the hard work for you're hard projects. With some appropriate persuasion of course!

  2. Er. I don't think so. The motto 'if you want something doing do it yourself' has always worked best for me.