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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Latex Skirt

A genuine wardrobe hiccup inspired me to write this poem -

I had a skirt, you could see right through it,
My slaves adored it and I knew it.

Then one day I went and blew it,
I was putting it on and my hand went through it.

I thought I’d mend it, I did pursue it,
But the damage was bad, I could not do it.

I promised myself if I couldn’t rescue it
That I’d make my own skirt, there’s not a lot to it.

Now, when I make a promise I like to stick to it
And just by luck had the latex to do it.

I layed out my pattern and carefully drew it,
It didn’t take long to cut it and glue it.

A few hours later I was stepping into it.
Here is a picture, I’d like you to view it.

It's my new latex skirt. Can you see right through it?

My new see through latex skirt

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