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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Leather Coat Photos

I have added an album with six brand new photos to my Flickr portfolio and given it the appropriate title of  'Woman with a Leather Coat.'

The photos were taken in Grange Park, Preston. Not far from where I lived as a child.

The first thing that struck me when I was taken to the park as a child were the imposing remains of an ancient manor house.

Mistress in leathers on Grange Park
I was a little dare devil. Oh how I would have loved to have climbed on those broken walls, but mum never allowed it, saying it was too dangerous and dragging me away to the playground sandpit with a bucket and spade.

Visiting the park again almost fifty years later, my childhood memories were stripped away. The park has been totally transformed yet still attractive, enough to earn a Green Flag award. This means that Grange Park is now a well maintained and safe place to hang out.

This photo shows me finally getting my chance to safely sit on the balustrade of the old manor house.

We got a few more shots in before the sun went down. To view all the pics of me in my leathers visit my Flickr album here

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