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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Special Birthday Requests

Look what turned up in my mail box. A special request from one of my slaves.

"With it being a few days after my birthday Mistress would we be able to incorporate some birthday celebrations into the session? Again I will leave this to your wicked and wonderful imagination."

I am no novice to party organising, in my time I have organised quite a few. Some big ones, some small ones. Some for adults, some for children. Some vanilla and some fetish. 

Now, I’m not quite sure what my slave was expecting given that our sessions are always one-to-one, but by the time I had finished trussing him up into a suitable table for a party hostess to arrange her buffet on, there were no guests left to enjoy it. Consequently, it could be entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest party ever recorded.

Party pooping was not allowed. I am a Dominatrix and organising celebrations for slaves goes way beyond the call of duty, for maximum enjoyment I had no option but to force him to participate and to bring some cheer to the party table.

A quick round of ‘Happy Birthday’ and his hostess was ready to share the delights of her homemade buffet. My slave however was fussy about his food. I’d almost finished off the jelly, pickle sticks and butties and slave hadn’t gone beyond nibbling on my worn panties. He’s welcome to them - they are an acquired taste!

We managed a party photo. Notice the big smile. Slave had just found out that he had won the ‘hide the corkscrew’ competition.

Slave wins the 'Hide the Corkscrew' competition

With his gag finally removed I asked what plans my slave had for my birthday.

"Apologies Mistress, I don’t know when your birthday is", he replied.

This disappointing response has prompted me to immediately address the subject along with some guidelines on ‘gifting’ etiquette.

*  *  *  *  * 

  • I am an Aquarian, my birthday falls in the last week in January
  • It is normal for me to take a day off on my birthday
  • Gifts are not expected, it’s a matter of personal choice and what you can afford 
  • Any day is a suitable day to please me with a gift
  • I like tips the best. I also like flowers of any type in bunches or sprays. A bottle of wine is well received, a dry one please: Merlot, Shiraz, Bordeaux
  • Help me to keep looking my best with a bottle of nail lacquer in a red shade, a foot cream or hand cream  
  • Surprise me. A monetary gift sent to my PayPal account is always a nice surprise, regardless of value
  • Ask me what I would like and I’ll help you pick something more unique and desirable 
                   Please use my email form to request my account details or gift ideas. 

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