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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Dutch Adventures

 Mistress Maggie wearing her plastic mac in Masterdam
Me wearing my plastic mac in Amsterdam
I thought I wouldn’t be having a holiday this year, but good fortune came my way and I managed to escape for a few days to the city of Amsterdam, where I enjoyed some overdue relaxation time and unrushed sightseeing.

Before you ask - No. I did not bring back any tulips. I can rely on my generous slaves to bring those for me. Instead I brought back a whip and some nice photos of me in my newest shiny raincoat.

The full set of photos showing me in my glossy mac are now available to view on Flickr in an album called 'Plastic Mac Fantastic'. If you'd like to see them just click here.

It’s the second time me and John have been to Amsterdam. In 1981 we went there for our honeymoon, a candlelight cruise seemed a most romantic thing for a newly wed couple to do, so we boarded a canalboat and took advantage of the guided documentary to discover the highlights as we floated round the city, finally alighting in Amsterdams’s famous Red Light District.

This time we just hopped into a cab and visited the Red Light District in daylight, our first port of call being the DeMasK latex boutique, where we were spoiled by the lovely smell of warm rubber as soon as we opened the door. They have a superb collection of fashionable and extravagant designs on two floors, we were made to feel very welcome and were invited to browse the rails at our leisure.

Several shops later and my credit card started twitching; a particular whip had caught my eye, a weighty and very beautiful one with lots of suede lashes. It was no good, I could not resist and had to make it mine. If only I’d bought my whip a day earlier I could have used it to give a cheeky tour guide a good thrashing, only I ran into a spot of trouble at the Gassan Diamond Factory. Perhaps I'd best explain -

My new suede whip
Before we could enter the factory we were organised into small groups and given a sticky badge to show that we’d paid. I stuck my sticky badge on my left breast, on seeing this the tour guide peeled another from his sheet and stuck it on my right breast.

‘B-a-d b-o-y’, I said. ‘Don’t you dare’.

His reply. ‘I’m so terribly sorry. It was my fantasy’.

‘You have fantasies, then ring this number’, I said, promptly handing him my business card.

His mistake had not gone un-noticed, the group gathered round, they wanted to see who the bad boy was and to see what I’d given him. My chastising words were reinforced as other ladies in the group sniggered at him whilst having their fun at calling him a bad boy as well, leaving him rather ridiculed.

We spent a full afternoon looking at modern art at the Stedelijk Museum, Rodin sculptures and Andy Warhol paintings amongst them. My absolute favourite was a piece called ‘Akwarel’ inspired by Dutch artist Henk Peeters, it was simple, symmetrical and big enough to cover a whole wall. I couldn’t really make it out from a distance, but when I got up close I discovered that it was made up of lots of plastic bags, 528 of them, all hung up in rows and each one half filled with water.
Close up of 'Akwarel' at the Stedelijk Museum

Well, normally it only takes one plastic bag to give me a thrill. I like a transparent one, preferably with a slaves face inside and pulled tight at the neck. It seems that me and Mr Peeters have discovered our own ways of creating pleasure with plastic, although Mr Peeters method is way more unique and less risqué than mine.

Thursday, despite being another wet one turned out to be a great day. Our Dutch adventures took us to The Hague, our sole intention to see the works of M.C. Escher, graphic artist extraordinaire. We took the train, just 40 minutes there and 40 minutes back, passing through Holland’s countryside, spotting the occasional colourful flower field, a native enjoying the oasis of their personal garden allotment, or a windmill through the windows of our double decker carriage.

John has wanted to see the Escher exhibition for as long as I can remember. He was not disappointed, all of Escher’s best and largest pieces were on display, including lithographic prints, drawings, sketches, and several of his intricately carved and chiseled printing blocks. The exhibition has its permanent home inside a former Royal Palace, where Queen mother Emma of the Netherlands used to spend the winter months. The exuberant and quirky 19th century decor is still in place, sporting large glass light-shades that really grab your attention as you move from one large room to the next examining the Masters’ remarkable work. I banged my head on a huge hanging vase, it swung a bit but thankfully didn’t break. Anyway, we both thought the Escher museum was fantastic, in fact both the Escher Museum and the Stedelijk Museum have earned my highest 5* Mistress Maggie pleasure rating.

All in all, the above activities combined with some good grub, night time bars and live music made for a happy holiday. I’m back in my chambers again, and already a few lucky bottoms have had a taste of my new swinging whip.

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