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Monday, 25 August 2014

A Growing Family

Another first in my Preston fetish clinic, this time I've been delivering twins. I am getting quite good at midwifery now and the twins were an easy delivery, despite arriving simultaneously.

Twins are delivered in my Preston Fetish Clinic
My patient has really taken to fatherhood, it is only ten weeks since he was last on my gynae couch having his first baby, a little girl that he named Barbie. By coincidence he’s chosen to call both twin girls Barbie as well. I can imagine that being a hoot when the girls start school and teacher has to call the class register. 

Hopefully he will change his mind when he comes down off the pumped gas and air**, a large dose was necessary to heighten the birthing and assist with contractions.

So it’s a growing family of healthy little girls for my patient, when asked if he was pleased they were girls he said -

“ I don’t mind, having babies is soooo amazing and I can’t wait to have more, it would be really nice if I had a boy, but it's OK, I can have one next time ”.

Pumped liquid aroma via a gasmask is used to relax the patient
Well that should be a relaxing day for nurse, sitting there, feet up, filing my nails, occasionally shining my nurse torch on a distant dilating asshole, waiting for action man to crawl out onto my gynae table.

We shall have to wait and see whether these babies grow up to be serious rubber breathplay nuts, after all adult fetishes are often linked to earlier childhood experiences, and these little girls were born with condoms on their heads!

**liquid aroma

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