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Monday, 7 July 2014

Too Many Pies

My childhood was full of myths. Especially at the dinner table. Parents and elders would insist that if I ate up all my bread crusts I would have curly hair. To this day I am still eating up all my bread crusts, yet the only curly hair I have is in the form of an elastic hair scrunchie that I bought on Ebay.

And what about your eyes? -  I bet like me you have eaten a good few carrots without being able to see in the dark, there’s a better chance that all those carrots made you shortsighted and needing glasses.

Who ended up with muscles like Popeye. Actually I never ate enough spinach to test out that old wives tale.

No doubt you have grown to have little faith in food myths.

I urge you to think again.
Mistress has made a discovery.

My slave, showing the effects of eating too many pies

Eating too many pies gives a man a crimped scrotum.

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